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Release: Fall-2019

Welcome to Jaelara will have 135 cards with 28 cards per affiliation and 7 cards for Jaelara, that are available for all champions.

In this set we will see the re-release of the original 8 champions: Idiris, Malik, Ra’Ha, Nubia, Kendra, Rayne, Feng, and Long. Each champion will have a new, featured artwork for them.

The Team

Lead Designer: Assad Quraishi
Lead Developer: Lionel Nunes
Art Director: Damjan Gjorgievski

Art Team

  • Filip Radicevski: Credited on 40 pieces

  • Damjan Gjorgievski: Credited on 35 pieces

  • Mario Stoshevski: Credited on 26 pieces

  • Rumyana Zarkova: Credited on 16 pieces

  • Alex Rhys: Credited on 8 pieces complete

  • Anna Remptke: Credited on 6 pieces

  • Arthur Tanga: Credited on 4 pieces

  • Victoria Jonah: Credited on 2 pieces

  • Kristijan Dimitrovski: Credited on 2 pieces

  • Veselin Minyov: Credited on 1 pieces

  • Piotr Tekien: Credited on 1 pieces

  • Leslie Ann Kam: Credited on 1 pieces

  • Anastassia Kalinskaia: Credited on 1 pieces

Game Design Team

  • Assad Quraishi

  • Lionel Nunes

  • Carl Lilley

The Future League

  • Lionel Nunes

  • Steveo Torell

  • Ian Holly

  • Pat Torell

  • John Rayner

  • Vinson Xuan

  • Joshua Stephens

  • Alex Miller

  • Steve Valente