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Fall of 2019 is going to be an exciting time for us. Join us as we launch the release of our first, full set of Genesis called:

Welcome to Jaelara

We are excited to announce that Welcome to Jaelara will have 135 cards with 28 cards per affiliation and 7 cards for Jaelara, that are available for all champions.

37 of 135 spoiled so far

In this set we will see the re-release of the original 8 champions: Idiris, Malik, Ra’Ha, Nubia, Kendra, Rayne, Feng, and Long. Each champion will have a new, featured artwork for them.

Follow us from now till the end of August to learn more about the set.


Become a champion in Genesis: Battle of Champions™, a Tactical Collectable Card Game developed and manufactured by Canadian company Haunted Castle Gaming Inc.

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