What is an Attack Ability? What can target the Angel of Retribution?

We get asked this a lot, especially for the Angel of Retribution. It is such a hard summon to deal with, and knowing what can - and cannot - attack it is super important. First off you need to know what an Attack ability is.

An Attack ability is any ability that has the word “Attack” in it. The Angel’s Attack ability is her “HOLY RANGE ATTACK [6]”. All Attack abilities are written the same way. The words on the left side of the word “Attack” are the damage types, and the number in the brackets [] is the amount of damage the Attack ability deals.

An additional keyword that can show up in an Attack ability is “Area”, which will show up at the beginning of the Attack ability - like in the case of Bolt Shot. Area Attack abilities deal damage to everything within that awareness - these do not target a creature within the awareness.

To answer the question of what can target the Angel of Retribution? Due to its Aerial ability, the Angel can only be targeted by any Attack ability that has the word “RANGE” in it. It can also be targeted by any Attack ability that has “AREA” because it does not target the Angel. Also, all other abilities can target the Angel - such as “CAST” abilities such as Chain Lightning or even Idiris’s Fire Ball ability.

If I want to attack and there is a spot with multiple things on it, do I get to attack them all?

This depends on the ability you're attacking with...

If it is an attack ability, like Ra'Ha's Range Attack [2] ability, then you will only pick one target on that spot and deal 2 damage to that target. 

But if you're doing an area attack ability, like Ra'Ha's Area Range Attack [1], then you end up dealing 1 damage to everything in her awareness. This will include each entity on each spot in her awareness.