The Vishud Clan



The two champions aligned to the Vishud Clan are Malik and Iridis. Both are strong offensive champions.

Malik is best suited for players who want to take the combat in their own hands. With his heavy attack, he can deal massive amount of damage with little strain on himself.

Idiris, in contrast, likes to stay back and damage her opponents from a far.  Her unbounded Fire Ball ability allows her to target any champion, summon, or alteration from anywhere on the board.


Play style

Being aligned to Chaos and Thymos, Vishud has a very aggressive play style. They love to come in, hit hard, and always keep their opponents on the rope. With draining abilities from Chaos and a lot of evasive techniques from Thymos, it will be easy to stay alive. This is a very deadly combo, and a force to be reckoned with.



All people of Jaelara have their roots in Vishud. Being the oldest tribe, everyone's ancestors started there and migrated outwards. The original explorers left because they were fed up living in the harsh landscape. With its freezing winters and blistering summers, many people found it was nearly impossible to live there. A lot of them headed east and settled in more moderate temperatures where the animals and the vegetation were less violent.

Those that stayed did so because of their deep love for the land. They knew that She protected them in many ways. She gave them shelter and food. She taught them the truest lessons of life. Their love for Her infinite beauty, but they know how quick-temper She can be. They learned that they need to be kind to those around them, but in order to protect their own land, their anger can be unleashed just as quickly as Her's can.