The Vadhis Empire



The two champions who reside in the Vadhis Empire are Nubia and Ra'Ha. These two champions are strategic, methodical, and precise.

Nubia is perfect for anyone who loves to have a plan and options. Her ability, Vision, allows her to see further into her Timeline than anyone else, allowing her to always have the right answer at the right time.

Ra'Ha is the perfect soldier. Her range allows her to always be in combat without being in range of her opponents wrath. Also, her area attack allows her to make sure that none of her opponents ever feel safe.

04-RaHa-Damjan Gjorgievski.jpg

Play style

Being aligned to Bellum and Axon allows Vadhis to be patient, calm, and always have an answer to all threats. However, because neither of these affiliations are particularly aggressive, this means you need to make each attack count. This will be easy with Bellum's defensive abilities and Axon's ability to always get you out of a bind. No matter where you are, you'll be able to escape the trickiest of situations.



Vadhis is the second settlement and the most advanced city in all of Jaelara. Their technology and army is the strongest and most well-trained.

After leaving the harsh climate of Vishud, the people of Vadhis could spend less of their time trying to survive and more of their time advancing themselves. They created agriculture, schools, and militias. They gave their people a sanctuary.

However, it was the newly appointed King Ammit that gave his people a purpose. After receiving a prophecy by the angels above, Ammit began to assemble his armies to retaliate against those that have threatened his kingdom. Believing that he can bring peace to Vadhis and all of Jaelara, Ra'Ha, Nubia, and he lead their armies against all of those who try to stop their prophecy of peace.