Vishud vs Vadhis

The Two Player Starter Set

This two player starter set gives you everything you need for you and a friend to start playing Genesis right away. With 4 champions and enough cards to fully customize your decks, you will have the opportunity to really experience the depth of the game.


1 Aena board

12 exhaustion tokens

192 Cards

  • 1x Idiris
  • 1x Malik
  • 1x Nubia
  • 1x Ra’Ha
  • 12x Cross Punch
  • 12x Jaelarian Waters
  • 6x Air Elemental
  • 6x Air Shield
  • 6x Archon of Light
  • 6x Fortification
  • 6x Guided Arrow
  • 6x Earth Elemental
  • 6x Flame
  • 6x Hunting Hound
  • 6x Meditative Ascension
  • 6x Rejuvenating Spring
  • 6x Aura Surge
  • 6x Chain Lightning
  • 6x Dedicated Studies
  • 6x Teleportation
  • 6x Water Elemental
  • 6x Death Eater
  • 6x Essence Drain
  • 6x Fire Elemental
  • 6x Inferno Lash-Back
  • 6x Skeleton King
  • 20x 1 Aura
  • 8x 5 Aura
  • 8x 10 Aura
  • 8x 20 Aura

Starter Decks

If it is your first time playing Genesis, we recommend making these two decks. After a few games, feel free to edit your decks. To learn how to edit your deck go here, and watch the video on deckbuilding.


01x Ra'Ha
05x Cross Punch
05x Jaelarian Waters
05x Air Elemental
05x Air Shield
05x Archon of Light
05x Guided Arrow
05x Aura Surge
05x Dedicated Studies
05x Teleportation
05x Water Elemental
10x 1 Aura
03x 5 Aura
03x 10 Aura
02x 20 Aura

01x Malik
05x Cross Punch
05x Jaelarian Waters
05x Earth Elemental
05x Flame
05x Hunting Hound
05x Rejuvenating Spring
05x Death Eater
05x Essence Drain
05x Fire Elemental
05x Inferno Lash-Back
10x 1 Aura
04x 5 Aura
03x 10 Aura
01x 20 Aura