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Thank you for partnering up with the Genesis team at Haunted Castle Gaming Inc. Bellow you should have access to all the documentation and details you need. If you need further assistance, you can message us at any time.

See below for the following details

  1. Product Catalogue

  2. Packages

  3. Prices for Singles

  4. Other Partnership Stores and References

  5. Tournament Details

  6. Monthly Promos

  7. Community Managers

Product Catalogue

Alpha Starter Kit

Wholesale - $49.00 + HST

MSRP - $70.00

Beta Starter Kits

Wholesale - $30.00 + HST

MSRP - $50.00


Game Mat

Wholesale - $20.00 + HST

MSRP - $40.00

Beta Booster Box

Wholesale - $72.00 + HST ($3.00 per booster pack)

MSRP - $120 + HST
($5.00 per booster pack)


Introductory Package

If you are a new partner with us you have the opportunity to purchase our Introductory Package:

  • 6x Beta Starter Kits

  • 5x Beta Booster Boxes

  • 3x Game Mats

Original Price: $600.00 + HST
Package Price: $540.00 + HST
This is a Savings of $60 (= Two Starter Kits)

Additionally you get 4 copies of every card from Beta to start your singles collection with.

Prices for Singles

If you are looking for a third party pricing for singles please check out Dinoboard or you can reach out to other stores that are selling singles.


Other PARTNER stores and References

Here is a list of partner stores and the people you can reach out to.

Steveo Torell

Owner of Heads or Tails Gaming
Brantford, ONT
+1 (519) 774-8735

Jeremy Cada

Owner of Forbes Hobbies
Cambridge , Ont
+1 (519) 700-1950

Tournament details

Before starting to run tournaments, we recommend to ensure you’ve got a strong enough community to do this. Try running casual events for a few weeks to see if there is enough interest. Once there is enough interest here is how we recommend running your tournaments:

For all instructions of tournament play, you can click the download button.

Monthly Promo

If you host 2 or more Genesis events a month, let us know and we will help provide promotional material.

Community management

If you’re starting your Genesis adventure and you need additional support to build out your community please let us know. We provide this service to you for free for 3 months and if you need continued support we will work with you to get the support you need.