Rayne's Arrest

“RAYNE COME OUT HERE NOW!” Ra’Ha’s voice rang out through the Sahas Academy. “By the command of King Ammit, I order you to come out here now.”

Sahas was silent. The only people on the streets were Ra’Ha and her army of 100 of Vadhis’s elite soldiers. Many of the soldiers were standing post in front of the doors of each building, to ensure no civilian could interrupt this arrest. The only unguarded building was The Pillar, the main entrance to the Sahas Libraries - a series of buildings containing copies of every piece of text on Jaelara. The libraries could be a city of their own.

Ra’Ha’s eyes were fixed on the giant doors of The Pillar. “We know you are in there Rayne. By the command of the King, you are under arrest for treason.”

Ra’Ha felt a slight wisp of air brush her hair as a figure hissed into her ear, “He is not my King.”

Ra’Ha unsheathed her dagger and, in one swift motion, swung around to strike the figure behind her, but she was left swinging at air.

“Ra’Ha my dear, what has become of you? You had such potential. You could have saved us all. But instead, you follow him so blindly.” Rayne’s voice became violent. “You were supposed to be our salvation. But now you’ve doomed us all!”

Ra’Ha started looking in all directions trying to find Rayne but it felt like her voice was coming from everywhere at the same time. She couldn’t pinpoint where Rayne was. With a deep breath, she closed her eyes and took out an arrow from her quiver. She loaded her bow, silenced her mind, and waited.

“Fool me once Ra’Ha, not again.”

With her eyes closed, Ra’Ha quickly raised her bow and shot the arrow in the direction of the voice. She opened her eyes in the direction the arrow flew to watch it vanish into a puff of smoke. She smirked.

Rayne’s blue hand appeared out of nowhere and clamped down on Ra’Ha’s left arm. “This arm that you use, it’s the same as mine. You have demon blood in you now, Ra’Ha. Where do you think your strength comes from? We are the same, you and I. We are an abomination to this world. But that doesn’t mean we are worthless. We can use our strength together... and save it.”

Ra’Ha’s eyes locked with Rayne’s, and pure hatred washed over her. “I am nothing like you!” With all her force, Ra’Ha rammed her knee straight into Rayne’s stomach. Rayne doubled over and collapsed to the ground.

“You’re right. I am an abomination, but it has nothing to do with this arm. I should have been killed at birth for being what I am. Half-elf, half human! I should never have existed. But by the grace of the king, I was saved. I am his commander. I lead his army. What are you? The protector of this Godforsaken city. A bunch of cowards with their noses in books. Reading about civilizations that have been extinct for centuries. You and this whole city are cancer to this land and should have been burnt down the moment the king found out about you.” Ra’Ha looked down at Rayne and laughed. “Get up, you piece of trash.”

As Ra’Ha stared at Rayne, a tremendous force struck her in the back, propelling her forward several feet straight through Rayne who vanished into a puff of smoke.

“Stop vanishing and fight me!” Ra’Ha couldn’t hold back her anger. The Vadhis soldiers all drew their weapons, and Ra’Ha signalled them to stop. “This battle is mine.”

She looked up and saw Rayne descending on her, sword drawn. Ra’Ha was barely fast enough to draw her dagger to block the attack. She pushed Rayne away and loaded her bow to shoot three consecutive arrows straight at her. Rayne was able to dodge the first two arrows, but the third one struck her right in the shoulder.

Rayne charged after Ra’Ha, sword drawn. Ra’Ha loaded her bow and once she let go of the arrow, Rayne turned into a puff of smoke and appeared right in front of Ra’Ha, grasping her face in her hands. Rayne’s mouth opened to reveal a series of sharp teeth. Her jaw unhinged like a snake, and her mouth opened larger than anything Ra’Ha had ever seen before in her life. All of the sudden Ra’Ha’s strength started to drain right out of her, and she could see a purple mist exiting her mouth and eyes and begin to funnel into Rayne’s mouth. As this happened, the arrow in Rayne’s shoulder fell out and the wound healed itself.

Ra’Ha gained her senses for long enough to grab her dagger and jab it into Rayne’s stomach, and Rayne lets go of her face. The both collapsed away from each other, gasping for air.

“ENOUGH!” a voice rang through the city. Through a blue mist, a woman appeared. Her clothing was tattered, her hair was dreaded and frizzled. “What did they say? Ignore that. We don’t need to intervene? Rayne is a big girl, she can fight her own battles. I have oranges! Stop! This battle ends now!”

“Who are you?” Ra’Ha’s voice was a mixture of fear and confusion.

“Kendra,” Rayne sputtered through a coughing fit, “don’t do it!” Rayne’s voice was too weak for Kendra to hear it.

Kendra walked over to Ra’Ha. “Little girl with little thoughts. You don’t need these.” Kendra touched Ra’Ha’s forehead and she fell unconscious. Each soldier drew their weapons and began to charge against Kendra.

Kendra began to giggle. “So many shiny things. Silly people and their shiny things. You go away now.” Kendra materialized a series of purple crystals and threw them at each soldier. As she did, they vanished into a purple puff of smoke. “How rude! They didn’t say good-bye. And now for you. Will you say bye?”

“Kendra, stop! We can save her. Don’t blink her away.”

“Nope, nope, nope. Little girl hurt you. She goes away now. Bye bye, little girl.” Kendra dropped a purple crystal on Ra’Ha and she vanished. “We really need to do something about the amount of smoke in this city… People might think we are hungry all of the time!” Kendra turned over to Rayne and kissed her on the forehead. “Let’s go eat, sister. What do you want? Someone said something about oranges. Let’s go!”