Ra'Ha, The Perfect Soldier


By law, Ra'Ha is an abomination and should have been killed at birth. Despite this, her mother could not kill the child and instead abandoned her on the streets of Vadhis, hoping the harsh environment would do the deed for her. To Ra'Ha's luck, a passing elderly couple took her in and raised her. When Ra'Ha was an adolescent, her caregivers passed away. She found herself on the streets of Vadhis once again. She spent the next several years living in the shadows, stealing to survive and finding refuge in any shelter that would take her. However, one day her luck ran out and the law caught up to her. After her capture, she was sentenced to death. At the last minute, the King offered her a choice: she could accept her sentence and die as an abomination or give her life in servitude to the King as a soldier of his court. From that day forward, she dedicated her life in servitude to the King.

In an attempt to cripple the Kings enemies, Ra'Ha was sent to assassinate the leader of an opposing tribe. After completing her mission, she found herself head-to-head against a monster who overpowered her and tore off her arm.

Without her arm, she once again became useless to the King. Not willing to give up on his best soldiers, he gave the command to proceed with an very experimental surgery to graft an old mummified demon arm onto Ra'Ha. When her blood began to pump through the arm, it came alive. As her blood filtered through the arm, it began to give her more strength, speed, and heightened all of her senses. She is now stronger than ever, and is ready to go against that monster once more and do onto him what he did to her.