Malik, First Champion


Malik was born an only child. His mother passed shortly after his birth. His father was the chief of the Vishud clan, and that left Malik as the next in line to inherit the title. He spent his childhood following his father's every step. He learned to hunt as early as he could to join his father whenever they went out. Despite not having a mother, Malik was always taken care of and was beloved by all.

However, everything changed when the Vadhis empire broke their truce with the clan and attacked in the middle of the night. The first wave of soldiers set fire to the wooden huts at the outskirt of the encompass, killing everyone inside them including the children and women. The people of Vishud armed themselves, and Malik joined the hunters of the clans as they took up arms to defend their territory. There were significant losses on both sides, but as one person fell in the Vadhis army, it appeared that two took his place. Malik knew that they were losing, and there was nothing he could do to stop this massacre. Then out of nowhere, the Vadhis army began to retreat. It was only then that Malik noticed his father was missing. He rushed back home and tore down the door to his father's room to find his father dead on the ground with an arrow piercing through his heart. He noticed a hooded figure begin to escape through the window.

Knowing that his father's killer was about to escape, he felt the rage surge through his body. He took the necklace from his father, an ancient relic marking the current chief to the clan, and put it on. As he did, he felt a surge of power course through his body. All of the sudden he lost control of his impulses, and the rage he felt within him began to manifest. The rest was a blur. When he finally was in control again, he was holding a severed arm and the owner was collapsed, bruised, and weeping at his feet. Afraid of what he had done, he dropped the arm and returned back to his clan.

Now Malik stands as a sentry to the people of Vishud, afraid of what will happen the next time he loses control of his anger. He knows that this relic around his neck is both a source of great power and great destruction. However, as long as his enemies are out there he cannot take it off. He must defend his people at all cost.

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