The Sahas Academy



The two champions who reside in The Sahas Academy are Kendra and Rayne. These two champions are very powerful but very delicate.

Kendra has a lot of Aura. Kendra is able to obliterate thoughts of her opponents at close range to ensure their best options are regularly removed

Rayne is extremely versatile. Because her ability does not exhaust her, she can use it several times in a single turn. Rayne’s awareness includes her sides, allowing her to be ready to strike from more angles.


Play style

Aligned to Axon and Chaos, Sahas is cunning, clever, and violent. These affiliations are both focused on doing whatever is necessary to win. Chaos will help you be several steps ahead of your opponent and prepared for any circumstance, and Axon will make it that you always have a trump up your sleeve.



The pursuit of knowledge has lead many people down to the deepest, darkest corners of the world. The Sahas Academy is the third settlement in Jaelara. After King Ammit's rise to power in Vadhis, many people felt unease following a king on belief and not on fact or action. No longer being able to accept the monarchy, many scholars of Vadhis followed Rayne south to the abandoned Libraries of Sahas.

Those founders created the Sahas Academy with the intent of making a city ruled by reason and discipline. They established a tribunal who would make decisions based on a consensus of fact instead of belief. 

Knowing they cannot avoid a confrontation from the King, Rayne trained many of the scholars in the way of Shadow Combat, using the darkness as a tactical advantage in battle. Kendra helps train the wizards and witches in magics that can help defend their city.  When the people of Sahas are not training, they spend the rest their time learning all that can be learned in the Libraries.