Tournament Structure

All Genesis Tournaments are run using a Swiss Structure. Our recommended tool for running a Swiss tournament can be found here:

  • Each tournament should be 3 rounds

  • Each round being played with best 2 out of 3 games played

  • The rounds should be timed at 45 minutes

Prize Support is always offered by the store at their discretion.

Setting up Kicker Tool:

Game Settings:

  1. Select Swiss Structure

  2. Set number of tables

  3. Set “Winning Set” to 1

  4. Set “Goal to Win” to 2

  5. Set “Points for Winning” to 3

  6. Set “Points for Draw” to 1

  7. Set “Multiple Disciplines” to No

Click Next

Enter Player Names

  • Ensure that “Player” is in black. Like this:


Click the green arrow and use the app accordingly.


Troubleshooting KickerTool

If you are having issues with Kickertool please reach out to them here:

How to promote your events

If you’re running an event and don’t know what to say to promote it then feel free to copy the text below and share it with your community. Make sure you insert your store/location’s name in the description.

Open House

Become a champion in Genesis: Battle of Champions™, a Tactical Collectable Card Game developed and manufactured by Canadian company Haunted Castle Gaming Inc. Join the fight as you battle against your opponents in arena combat. Weave your timeline with spells, techniques, and summons that fight alongside you. Do you have what it takes to conquer?

Come to <INSERT LOCATION> to learn how to play Genesis and walk away with a free deck. Prizes will be given to first place and more gifts will be raffled off - including booster packs, gift cards, promos, and more!

Learn more at

Booster Draft

We will be hosting a booster draft for Genesis: Battle of Champions. A booster draft is a great way to even the playing field between veteran and novice players. Come on out to <INSERT LOCATION> to join us in a booster draft, have a chance to win some prizes and you get to keep all the cards you drafted.

For more information on how a booster draft works visit:

Constructed Tournament

Bring your own deck to compete against other champions in the arena. Do you have what it takes to conquer?

Beginner Friendly Genesis Constructed Tournament

Come on out for our Genesis Beginner Friendly Genesis Tournament. If you've got a deck already, bring that out. If you don't have a deck, that's okay! We'll have decks for you to borrow.

If you don't know how to play, come a bit early and we'll teach you :)