Tournament Structure

All Genesis Tournaments are run using a Swiss Structure. Our recommended tool for running a Swiss tournament can be found here:

  • Each tournament should be 3 rounds

  • Each round being played with best 2 out of 3 games played

  • The rounds should be timed at 45 minutes

Prize Support is always offered by the store at their discretion.

Setting up Kicker Tool:

Game Settings:

  1. Select Swiss Structure

  2. Set number of tables

  3. Set “Winning Set” to 1

  4. Set “Goal to Win” to 2

  5. Set “Points for Winning” to 3

  6. Set “Points for Draw” to 1

  7. Set “Multiple Disciplines” to No

Click Next

Enter Player Names

  • Ensure that “Player” is in black. Like this:


Click the green arrow and use the app accordingly.


Troubleshooting KickerTool

If you are having issues with Kickertool please reach out to them here: