Genesis: Battle of Champions

Tactical Collectable card Game

In Genesis, you are a powerful Champion with the ability to control the magical life-force called Aura. As you find yourself pitted against other champions in Arena, you need to do whatever it takes to survive.

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Key Resources



There is only one way out of the arena, and that is to be the last one standing. There are two ways you can defeat your opponent.

Beating them down. Take down your opponents through attacks and spells, and bring their life down to 0.

When their time is up. To each champion, their deck is their timeline. When their timeline has no cards remaining in it, they are immediately defeated and removed from the game. This means that each champion has a timer on them as they draw a card each round.



Champions rely on two different types of resources: Aura and Energy. Aura is a magical source that is imbued in each world. It is often used to cast spells, create alterations, or to beckon summons. Energy is that champion's own physical energy and is used to execute techniques or for attacks.



Champions come to each fight with a pool of aura that they can draw from as the battle proceeds. Some champions have aura than others if they are more reliant on it. These champions tend to be more spell or summon oriented. Other champions will lean on their own physical abilities, and thus have less aura. During each battle you will need to use your aura wisely, because once it is all spent that's it.


Champions often need to expend physical energy to do additional skills, such as dodging, jumping, or defending. For some champions this is easier than others, and they end up spending less energy to do these skills. However, whenever a champion does a technique that over exhausts them, this shortens their timeline.


Start strong, struggle later

As you jump into your first game of Genesis, you'll find that the game flow is different that most other collectable card games. In Genesis, you start off with all your resources, and you are at your full potential. But as the game proceeds you will drain your resources, your options, and your health. And in the late game, you will have to live with the choices you made during the early game. This changes how you need to approach playing the game.

Some champions play more conservatively, ensuring that they have as much of their resources or health as possible by the time they enter late game.

Other champions want to charge in, exhausting themselves hard and fast, so put the pressure on their opponent. These champions are hoping that their opponents make a mistake early on that they can't recover from, or that they just topple under the pressure.

Whatever type of champion you are, you'll find that the late game is a struggle to be the last one standing.