What are people saying about Genesis?


Professional Review


Review done by Brad Baker


“Overall I thoroughly enjoy this game, it has everything I would desire in a two player head to head card battle, mythical theme, tactical decision making and the ability to add and improve your deck from additional booster packs! We all love a good CCG (collectable card game) right? And this is one of the good ones, I really wish these guys the best in the future with building this game up to what it deserves!” - in2thereview

Reviews in the Wild

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"The board and movement. I play mini games and I love the blend" - Kurtis

"The interactive movement through the board and how simple it was to learn :)" - Mariana Monzon

"Card position matters and the art is fantastic" - Ian Holley

"The combination of a table top and trading card game" - Bruno Lopes

"I like the familiar mechanics that I recognize is inspired by a loved game. It is apparent that a lot of care went into the production of Genesis." - Robert Morris

"Having all resources from the beginning" - Ken Pugsley

"It's like a mix between Magic and DnD, and I LOVE that orientation actually makes a difference in this game!" - Haley Arnott

"The board and the ability to orient your troops and awareness features" - Jeffrey Dean

"the orientation mechanic is very interesting. as well as the "mana" pool to cast you cards from in how its a fixed amount instead of a regenerating format." - Cody

"I liked that facing and positioning mattered in this game, and no limit on hand size or the amount of spells you can play in a phase" - Andrew

" I liked how facing and placement of cards matters. Resource management felt smooth too." - Doug

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