April Newsletter

Hey Champion!

Thank you for your continued support for Genesis: Battle of Champions. As always, please let us know when this package has arrived so that we can be confident that our mailing process is working just fine. You can send a quick email to contactus@hauntedcastlegaming.com

March Updates

In March we launched at a new shop in Brampton, Ontario called Hobby Studio. The community there has taken to the game really well and we should expect good growth on that end.

We are also planning some changes for the Patreon model to come in May. More details in the future.

Welcome to Jaelara Updates

We are making great progress on Welcome to Jaelara. The card list is now officially done and the team is working on testing and revising aspects of it to make everything run as smooth as possible.

We are done artwork for 32 / 135. The art team is working really fast to make sure we hit our deadline and that the set releases without a hitch. The best part of this is that the artwork for all 8 champions is now done!

April Plans

In April we have a lot of events coming up outside of regular tournaments.

GryphCon - April 5-7

This is a convention held at the University of Guelph. This will be our first year attending and we’re expecting to do quite well. The staff already likes Genesis and we’re hosting 3 tournaments throughout the weekend. It should be a lot of fun.

More information at http://www.gryphcon.org

Ragnarok XP - April 27-28

Ragnarok is a convention held by members of the old SkyCon team. This should be a great con with a lot of familiar faces. We will also be debuting a Ragnarok exclusive promo card. We are also hosting a lot of events this weekend. We’re really excited about this.

More Information at http://ragnarokxp.com/

Mana Pool Open House - April 20

Mana Pool is a Board Game Bistro with great food, great atmosphere, and soon enough they will be carrying one of the greatest games! On the 20th we will be hosting an open house at the shop to build our initial audience and help grow a community. The best part is this is our opportunity to break into the Toronto market. We are hoping to see a lot of growth from there.


As always we are super excited to have closed off another month and to be starting a new one. April holds a lot of potential growth cycles for us and a chance to really expand our network. We hope to be seeing you at an upcoming event!

Until next time!


Assad Quraishi

CEO of Haunted Castle Gaming Inc.