Key Abilities
Genesis: Battle of Champions

Though there are a lot of cards in Genesis, there are a few abilities that show up over and over again. On this page we are going to explain those abilities.


Attack abilities are broken down into 4 key components.

  1. The first components is the presence of the word "Area" and this makes the attack deal damage to everything within the attacker's awareness.
  2. The second component is the damage type, this can show up as either: Range, Heavy, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Holy, Dark, or Basic. In the case of Basic, no damage type is applied to the attack.
  3. The third component is the word "Attack". This just indicates that this is an attack ability.
  4. The fourth component is a number within square brackets. This is the amount of damage the attacker deals with this ability.


All beckon abilities can be translated the same way, "Place this summon on a spot adjacent to you facing the same direction as you, then exhaust it."


If an ability starts with the word "Quick" then an aiblity which is normally action speed is now swift speed.