What is the difference between "move" and "place"?

There is a key difference between "move" and "place" which is whether or not the spot you are relocating to is occupied or not.

The conditions for moving is that you can only move to a spot that is unoccupied (ie. does not have a champion or summon on it). However, being placed onto a spot does not care if the spot is occupied or not.

In the case of Teleportation, you can go to any spot on the board regardless if it occupied or not. The same is true for beckoning a summon. Because the rules for beckoning states, "Place this summon on a spot adjacent to you, facing the same direction as you, then exhaust it." So you could, in theory, beckon multiple summons onto the same spot.

However, in the case of Jump, you can only move onto a spot that is unoccupied. Thus, if you are going to place Jump and all of those spots are occupied you would not be able to move anywhere.