What is Bellum?

By Assad Quraishi


Hey Champions!

Sorry for the silence last week. It was a very intense time here at Haunted Castle Gaming. I was personally in Montreal on Tuesday and Wednesday proofing the cards for Welcome to Jaelara. It was an intense process but it looks great! 

In the next 4 weeks we will be covering the 4 different affiliations. I want to do this deep dive on each affiliation now because they were the focal point of Welcome to Jaelara, so if you know what they represent then the set as a whole will make more sense. On our Monday blogs I’ll be covering “what is this affiliation?”

I want to cover these two areas:

  • Etymology of the affiliation (how it got its name) and its symbol

  • What is the umbrella for the affiliation? What were the 3 buckets we focused on?


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Alright, let’s start talking about the origins of the name of the affiliation.

Where did “Bellum” come from?

In the early days of designing Genesis, Bellum was called Judgement. The affiliation was always supposed to embody the belief of balance, judgement, and blind faith. It was supposed to stand as a core opposite to “Chaos”, the fifth affiliation. However, in contrast to the names of the other affiliations, “Judgement” stood out too much. It had too many syllables and didn’t flow off the tongue the way the others did. We knew that two of our other affiliations, “Axon” and “Thymos”, were based off of section of the brain. Following this same concept, I began researching the sections of the brain and found the cerebellum.

In humans, the primary role of the cerebellum is to control our actions. When you think of moving your legs to walk, or hands to write, you are using your cerebellum to send out those messages to your body. The Bellum affiliation stands as a metaphor for this function of the brain. For Bellum, the actions we output into the world need to be done with consideration and purpose. We need to take ownership for everything we do. 

The symbol for bellum are two arrows pointing upwards towards the sky. This is to show that their belief is not in themselves but in what is above them, be it in a divine being or in the universe itself. Either or way, they put their belief in that concept before they believe in themselves.

What is the affiliation’s umbrella and buckets? 

Let’s start by defining what I mean by an umbrella. When we began making the Welcome to Jaelara set we had to discuss what each affiliation was going to represent at its core. If we didn’t know what it was going to represent it would extremely hard to stay consistent in what it will do on each card.

After a lot of debate, for Bellum we landed on: “Belief” 

The concept of belief was broken down into three buckets and these were the areas we focused on for that affiliation.

  1. A spiritual belief

  2. A belief in your combat training

  3. A belief in a balance between magical & physical powers

A spiritual belief

We knew all Bellum champions believed in something. In Vadhis they believe in the angels and their message. They blindly follow the angels in everything they say because, until this point, the angels have protected the city and have guided them to prosperity. For Ajna, their belief is in balance and the cycle of life. For everything that dies, new things are born; where there is pain, there is also joy. Their belief comes from the balance between the Dragon and the Phoenix, the two mythical creatures that protected them. 

A belief in your combat training

When your back is against the wall, and everything seems hopeless, you need to remember that you were trained to be the best. All people of bellum believe in something higher than themselves, but also believe in their own ability to be the best there is. They are rigorous, precise, and focused. Both Vadhis and Ajna spend a significant time training themselves for combat so that they can be the best. 

A belief in a balance between magical & physical powers

Bellum knows that an obsession of either physical abilities or magical abilities will lead to the downfall of their warriors. Being too focused on magic can lead defenceless when your Aura dries up, and on the opposite side being too focused on the physical can lead you exhausted and shorten your timeline. Each warrior needs to take advantage of the resources they have at a given moment to seize victory. 

Does this resonate with you when you think of Bellum? Does this make sense when it comes to the cards and champions? Leave a comment on this blog with your thoughts.

Tomorrow’s PodCast will be exploring how the champions reflect their affiliations. 

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