The Value of Teamwork

by. Assad Q

Hey Champions!

We are just 4 days into spoiling Welcome to Jaelara, and I couldn't be more excited. One of the most exciting things about this set for me is the strength of the art and design teams that worked on it. On the design side, I had the chance to work with Lionel and Carl. It was a great experience and I thought in this blog I should highlight some of the values they brought to the team.

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Okay, let’s jump back into the blog. I want to talk about my experience working with these two amazing designers and one of the many cards each of them created. One of the unique things we got to do in Welcome to Jaelara was introducing 4 new 8-chi cards. I made one of them, Lionel made two, and Carl made the last one. I want to talk about one of the ones Lionel made and the one Carl made.

Subjugation Strike

Lionel has made a lot of the cards in this set, but none of them stands out the way Subjugation Strike does. It is an 8-chi that is a beast of a card. Being able to deal a massive amount of damage for free - basically - or spending some resources to deal more damage that is less restrictive. This card has a lot of versatility. The fact that the Heavy Holy Attack [5] just cost Exert means that this card can dish out a lot of damage even late game when you have no cards in your timeline and no aura. This could be a top deck card that just turns the tides in your favour. On the other hand, if you have 16 Aura to spend, you get a swift speed cast ability dealing 6 holy damage. That means this card can kill an Angel of Retribution without flinching. All of those summons with Aerial or Spectral are now within your reach again. And who knows, if we make a card in the future that has resistance to cast abilities, then this card will still have its value. Finally, it deals holy damage meaning it triggers into weaknesses which can be very useful.

This card has an interesting story because it had gone through many revisions to get the way Lionel wanted it to be. It originally started with 3 abilities: a Holy Attack, a Heavy Attack, and a Heavy Holy Attack. The idea, kind of like Meteorite, was to make a card that had 3 levels of strength and that the second ability is an extension of the first, and the last is the omni-powerful version of the card. After testing it a lot, we couldn’t find a way to get this card to the place we wanted it to be. Also, since each ability had an Aura or Energy cost to it, the abilities started to get really expensive. Each iteration removed an ability, added a new one, and we continued to refine it. In the end, he put together a final product that I am very proud to put into Genesis. 


Malfeasance has a really confusing story - I don’t even know if I remember it all. But before we get into the story, let’s talk about the sheer power of this card. First off, your opponent is losing the top card of their Timeline. There is no other card in the game right now that destroy cards off of the top of your opponent’s timeline. Then there is the fact that your opponent then loses life according to the revealed card’s chi - again, doing something based off of the Chi of a card is fairly rare. But on top of all that, you gain life equal to the card’s chi. Even in the worst case scenario, you are doing as much damage as Vampiric Kiss and in the best case scenario you made them lose 8 life, you gained 8 life, and they lost their 8-chi. Nothing is more painful than that.

Making Malfeasance was interesting. Carl had been trying to use that name on a card for months but every time the card was either renamed into something else or scrapped because it was too strong. We must have gone through 10 different cards over 4 months. Then finally, he pitched the idea of looking at the top card of someone’s timeline and having them lose life equal to the card’s chi. We loved this idea but, as an 8-chi, I didn’t feel like it was strong enough. That is when I suggested putting the life gain onto the card and finally, this version of Malfeasance was born. It took a while to get the price for it perfect but now that it is here, we don’t need to look back. 

Overall, both of these designers are awesome people. For however long they work on Genesis for, I know we will see new and exciting things come out from their minds.

I’m always humbled from the experience of working with a team. The truth is, no matter how good you are at something, it will never be truly successful unless you’ve got a good team behind you.