Why are these rares?

By Assad Quraishi


Hey Champions! 

Are you proud of me? I got a Monday morning blog out. I know it might not seem like a lot but I’ve been trying to work towards this for a while now and it’s been surprisingly difficult to balance the work in such a way that I can get this out today. But here we are, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Today’s we’re going to address rarity of a few cards in Welcome to Jaelara because I know when you see these cards you might be thinking, “why is this a rare?”


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Let’s talk about 3 cards that had the Future League question if I was out of my mind when I told them that these were going to be rares. 

  • Kabus

  • Malicious Persuasion

  • Battle Cry

Before I jump into that I want to talk about what defines a card as being a “rare”. Each card is determined on 2 factors:

  1. Rarity in Flavour

  2. Complexity and Uniqueness of the Card

Rarity of Flavour

The first thing we determine is how rare is it for a champion to learn this spell or enchantment, master this technique, visit this location, and encountered this creature. If we’re looking at a summon, a great example of this would be Silver-Legged Recluse. Seen anywhere in Jaelara, and are common occurrences throughout, this deemed the card to be common. Where, as contrast, seeing the Ajna Tiger in all its glory is very rare and those who do are marveled by it. 


Complexity and Uniqueness of the Card

Sometimes a card is rare because of how confusing the mechanics behind the card are. If we feel like everyone, including a completely new player, can understand the full depths of the card and appreciate it, then it is a common. But if a player cannot appreciate how beautifully complex a card is, or if it breaks the norms of the game in some way, then we make it a rare. A great example of this is Foresight of the Ancients. The Stack is not called on any other card and the concept of how the stack works is quite confusing. That is why this card is considered a rare.

However, these types of cards can be rare in one set but sometime down the road a very similar card could be an uncommon or common depending on how well the community grasps the concept. This explains the rarity discrepancies between Beta and JAE for cards like Chain Lightning or Libraries of Sahas.

So let’s jump into these three cards and talk about how they fit these definitions.



What I want you to take away from this is if you are questioning the rarity of a given card then I would like you to dig a bit deeper, sometimes there is a lot more beneath the surface of a card.

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