Jaelarian Landscape Part 2

By Assad Quraishi


Hey Champions!

Last Friday we explored Vishud and Vadhis’s landscape through their 4 new alterations. Did you notice the champions appearing on the artwork of each alteration? This blog will focus on the remaining two cities: Sahas and Ajna.

If you missed last week’s blog, you can read it here: JAELARIAN LANDSCAPE PART 1

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Sahas is divided into two key areas the Library and the Catacombs. 

The Libraries of Sahas holds the largest collection of written scripts in all of Jaelara. All the knowledge that the demons have collected throughout their time has been stored in here. That knowledge is available to everyone who is willing to seek it. However, it comes at a cost - everything that came from the demons came at a cost. The Libraries always asks for knowledge in exchange for knowledge. If you’re willing to pay the price then the reward is yours for the taking.


The demons of Sahas had a twisted view of life. They knew life does not end when the body does and because of that they kept their dead in a catacomb underneath the Libraries. They truly believed that the dead would come and defend the Libraries and their inhabitants in times of war.


Ajna was settled between the two peaks: The Phyr Hill and the Draco Caverns.

The Phyr Hill was once home to the last living Phoenix but now stands as a reminder of the protector Ajna once had. Every day, Feng looks up to the hill to remind herself of the roles and responsibilities she is now sworn to live by. The Hill has a very strange attribute to it, that if you stand on it during the sunrise or sunset, the whole world looks like it is engulfed in flames no matter what direction you look at. 


The Draco Caverns is the gravesite of the last known dragon to fly over Jaelara. Originally feared for the devastation the dragon could bring to the land, the people of Ajna slowly began to find themselves in awe of the great beast. Yes, it is true, the dragon could destroy the land underneath it but that kind of power always comes at a cost.


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