Draw in Genesis

By Assad Quraishi

Hey Champions! I was trying to find a special way to reveal today’s card, and at first I was just going to do a regular post up on Facebook but I felt that wouldn’t give you appreciation for the strength of this card. I realized that a blog would be the best way to dig into the topic around the card and then present the card for you to appreciate it properly.

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The question around the draw mechanic in Genesis is something that is very interesting. It actually took me a while to understand it better myself. We had just released our Alpha starter kits and some people were really gravitating towards the game. They started testing a few unreleased cards and they stumbled across Underworld Knowledge. At first, there wasn’t a second mention, but then someone noticed something really interesting.

Originally the card’s only cost was 1 health and did not cost “Exert” as well. Why was that? Because in every other game, drawing one card is not the end of the world. But in Genesis, a 3-chi card that drew you 1 card for 1 health was massive over powered - especially if you were playing Malik. Why is this?

In every CCG the game is counted by the number of “turns” you take, but a “turn” is a really weird way of measuring the length of the game. In reality, it is actually about a secondary mechanic in the game. 

This comes down to the concept of the Actual Round vs the Perceived Round

  • The Actual Round is defined as the round you are currently on in Genesis. 

  • The Perceived Round is defined by the round you are acting as though you are on based on a binding resource. 

Every game has a binding resource. Most card games have a resource that you can only acquire one of per turn/round and once you have the amount you need, you don’t need anymore. In Genesis, we have a resource that you start off with all of it and once you run out that is when you find yourself in a very binding situation. You may think it is Aura or your Timeline, but in reality, it is your Thoughts. 

Since you start off with all of your Aura and your whole Timeline, you can design your Timeline such that you do not overspend on either of your key resources. But the only resource that you have very little control over is the number of cards you draw from your timeline. You will draw one card per round and that’s it. Or is it?

Let’s say you are playing as Nubia and you just started the game. What round are you on? The first round, obviously. But what round is Nubia on? Well, technically she is actually on round two. Her Actual Round is 1 but because her Visions ability, she draws a second card each round and this expedites the number of rounds she goes through. Thus, if we base the number of rounds you are on by the number of cards you’ve drawn, then her Perceived Round is 2.

It is true that every other game has this same binding factor, but that is not their only binding factor and it definitely isn’t the most constraining one. This is why card draw in those games are powerful, but they aren’t as potent as the ability to gain or double the key resource. However, in Genesis, it is the most constraining factor for every champion.

This is why card draw is so powerful in Genesis!

Now, let’s talk about today’s spoiler. Click on it when you’re ready, I’ll wait.


How do you feel about this card? Do you see yourself running it? Leave us a comment below on what you feel about this card and our whole concept of Perceived and Actual round. 

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