Jaelarian Landscape Part 1

By Assad Quraishi


Hey Champions!

I thought it would be really cool to take some time to talk about the beautiful landscape of Jaelara. I’m sure many of you have seen this image before, but this is where most of Genesis is taking place right now.

The map of Jaelara

The map of Jaelara

To the West is Vishud encampment where Malik and Idiris live. In the center is the Vadhis Empire, where Nubia and Ra’Ha reside. In the south is the Sahas Academy where Rayne and Kendra live. Finally, to the east, nestled between two mountains is the city of Ajna which is guarded by Feng and Long.

Each of these cities has rich cultures and amazing architectures to explore and that’s what I want to do in this blog. I realized, as I started writing this blog that putting it all into one blog was too much. So I’m splitting this into two blogs. Part two will come out next Wednesday.

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Before I jump into the blog, I want to give a large shoutout to our Patrons on Patreon. We had a series of exclusive, pre-alpha, signed promo cards and they have all been given away to those who signed up first. However, we will have more exciting rewards to come. So if you don’t want to miss out on those rewards, sign up to our Patreon today!


Let us start with Vishud. The Vishud encampment is settled between two very dangerous areas: the No Man’s Land and the Inferno Pits. 

The No Man’s Land is the unclaimed territory between Vishud and Vadhis. This area has been damaged beyond repair from the battles between these two cities. The rage of this land radiates from its soil and causes creatures to go berserk and start attacking one another regardless if they are an ally or foe.  


The Inferno Pits is the birthplace of all the monsters in the world. The elders have warned everyone from Vishud to stay away from the pits. If the claws and fangs don’t kill you, the heat and flames will.


Moving to Vadhis. It has two key locations: The Cathedrals of Vadhis and the Walls of Vadhis. Both of these are man-made structures that the people use as symbols of empowerment. 

The Cathedrals are a reminder of how the divine came down to lead the people of Vadhis to their salvation and how they are forever in debt to the Angels above. The divination of these angels has lead the people of Vadhis to predict floods, droughts, and other natural disasters to keep their crops, animals, and homes safe. They worship these creatures not out of blind faith but as a tribute to everything that has been given to them. 


The Walls of Vadhis stand as a symbol of the protection the king has promised his people. These walls were built to keep out the unwelcomed, savages to the west. But over time, the lines blur the question begin to rise in the minds of the people of Vadhis, “Are these walls meant to keep them out or to keep us in?”


I know we did something different in this post with the “Click to Reveal Card” images so I want to get your feedback on this! When other people would do this for spoilers in their game, I would love it. I loved clicking through the page to see the spoilers; it just made it more exciting. Did you like it? Please let me know!

I hope you liked this quick dive into Vishud and Vadhis. In next week’s blog we will cover Sahas and Ajna. Let me know if you want a deeper dive into some of these areas or if you have any questions of why made things the way we did, please leave a comment below.

That’s all for now. Bye!

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