Happy Canada Day! Welcome to Jaelara spoiler #1

Hey Champions!

Happy Canada Day! I hope you're having a wonderful day and you're enjoying Canada's 152nd birthday today! This is an exciting day for me because after a year of hard work my game design team and I finally get to reveal our first big spoiler for

It was a hard decision where to start with the spoiler. We wanted to do something special but at the same time hold back some of the cooler cards as the month went on. After a lot of debate in my head between this card and that card, I said, "forget it, I'm going with one of the cards I am the most excited about." But before I get into the card, I have to give a huge shout out to Lionel Nunes for creating this card. In our game design meetings, every now and then, an idea is pitched and it makes my eyes widen and my heart race. Lionel hit it out of the park with this card, so I am so proud to introduce to you: Hydualis


One of the things I love about Genesis's card design is the way our cost structure works in the game. Just like with Meteorite, you can have a card with multiple tier systems and each one doing a different effect. But what Lionel did here that I love so much is how he made a trigger that is conditional off of the type of tier of attack you execute. Let alone is there both a Fire Attack [3] or a Water Attack [3] that you can play at swift speed, if you use the Fire Attack [3] you stun your opponent or if you use the Water Attack [3] you push them. This card is amazing both aggressively or defensively. It has so much versatility that I can come with endless combos for it. I love it!

As for the naming of the card. It's a combination of Hydrogen and Dualism. Hydrogen, as many of us know, is a key component of water. But it is also a very explosive gas. This gives it both a water and fire based attribute. Due to this card's dual nature, we wanted to add that into the name. So it because "Hy"-"Dualis".

That’s all I really want to say about this piece. But stay around as I spoiler more to the set as the day goes on. Make sure you’re following us on all our channels to hear and see the latest news:


Bye for now

~Assad Quraishi