Retrospective - SkyCon Light 2018

Hey Champions!

On April 28th, we were in Kitchener for SkyCon Light and we had the best time there! We had a tournament which had some amazing moments and for the first time, we sold booster packs. It was a great day with so much to talk about. Let us dig into The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good

All four covers for the 18 card booster packs

All four covers for the 18 card booster packs

  • Booster Packs
    We had 18 card booster packs available for sale at SkyCon which was super cool. They contained a lot of cards from alpha and may be the only chance some players get to owning a larger card pool of alpha cards. We saw some awesome rares opened and many of them found their way into the tournament.


    Me with Rob

    Me with Rob

    • Old Friends
      We saw a lot of familiar faces which was such a great feeling. This was the first convention where things felt less nerve-racking and more comfortable. It was a great atmosphere with very kind people. Thank you to Rob et. al. for hosting another great event.


    Me with Max

    Me with Max

    • New Friends
      Though it is always great seeing old friends, making new friends can be just as exhilarating. I wish I had more time to try out other games and be more involved at the convention (maybe another year I'll get that). But it was great seeing so many new faces supporting this amazing event.
    • Tournament
      We had a 6 person tournament go on which was super fun. Our victor, Lionel Nunes, walked away with a booster pack for his winnings and everyone got a SkyCon exclusive Tsunami Promo. He won all his games 2-0. Great job Lionel!
    • Quality > Quantity
      We didn't get to do a lot of demos, which is a shame. But the ones we did were amazing. People seem to be really enthusiastic about the game and jumping into the community. Thank you to everyone who came out to do a demo. 

    The Bad

    • Not enough prep
      This is my most common problem... I keep on feeling overwhelmed at each convention. One day we will get this down right.
    • Lesson learned: Don't get cocky! Even if you've been to the same convention before, don't take it lightly. Every convention is important. 
    • Not many new sales
      Most of our sales were to people who already play the game. This is okay, of course, but it would be nice to get new players in. But that's the problem everyone has.
    • Lesson learned: Enjoy the process. It's a slow turning wheel to get a community growing. Be happy with the growth you have and don't doubt your success. 

    The Ugly

    • All by myself
      For the first time ever, I was doing a convention on my own. I missed having my wife by my side...

    Closing comments

    I'm always happy to be at a SkyCon event. Make sure you come out in October for some amazing promos and exclusive products! For now, come out to Thursday game nights in Brantford, Friday demo nights in Toronto, or monthly tournaments in Cambridge. Follow us on Facebook or check our event page for more details.

    Our next convention will be CanGames in Ottawa. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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