Retrospective: Kitchener Comic-Con 2018


Hey Champions!

Last weekend we were at Kitchener Comic-Con 2018 and it was great! We got a lot of feedback and met a lot of amazing people. It was a blast!

In honor of the con, I wanted to share a retrospective on how I felt it went, going into the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good

  • Price Sheet
    We kept thing simple this time and just put up a piece of paper that said the prices in a very clear way. It was the first time people knew the prices for our products without asking.
  • Putting out the mailing list
    We also put the mailing list on a sheet of paper at the end of the table. This let players sign-up when we were busy. We ended up getting 5 people's email addresses this way that we wouldn't have gotten any other way.
  • Demo Style
    We were planning to change our demo style to make it more like a video game tutorial. But after trying it out, we found that players were very disengaged and it wasn't very fun. What we did instead was to go back to our original demo style but gave players an out after two rounds. We just clearly said, "That's more or less the game, do you want to keep playing?" This was great, because if people didn't take the out but instead wanted to finish the game we could measure this. We found out that 77% of the people who demoed the game wanted to finish it, which is a pretty high percentage in my opinion. :)
  • Giving things away
    We continued in our normal fashion to give a lot of little items to thank people who played or talked with us. We gave them free cards along with a postcard talking about our upcoming tournament and game day (click here for more details). This was great for players who wanted to buy but were worried about making an investment on a game without knowing the community.
  • Having a tablet
    After people finished a demo, they were invited to fill out a survey. The first time we did this, we handed them a laptop which was very heavy. The second time, we handed them our phones but this didn't work because of notifications (also, I have a blackberry and people aren't comfortable with the QWERTY keyboard on a phone). This time we brought a tablet and it was an amazing middle ground. Highly recommended.

The Bad

  • Access to material
    When trying to grab material for sales, we were very disorganized. It was hard to get everything together, and the process of the sale was clunky. I think, at the end of the day, we weren't expecting people to buy the game and were surprised when people did. We are grateful to everyone who invested into the game and we are sorry about how disorganized we were.
  • Take Away: Practice your sales process - make it look professional.

  • Length of Demo
    On average our demo length was about 22 minutes, which is very long. We need to find a way to cut it down while still being engaging and fun. The ideas we are debating between are lowering the health of the champion you play with and removing the healing cards from the deck.
  • Take away: Be mindful of the length of time you are asking from your audience and how to make it the best experience for them.

  • Caveat: never try to rush someone out of your booth just because you want to keep a certain time frame for your demos or whatever. Give each person your undivided attention and let them decide when they want to leave, even if it means you lose out on interacting with other people. You have to make each person feel valued..
Our current Champion for demos

Our current Champion for demos

  • "Come Play" sign
    A lot of people came by and were surprised that we were doing demos. It wasn't clear to them that we were here to get people to try the game out. I want to put out a sign that says "Demo Genesis with us" or something like that.
  • Take away: Be clear on what services you are providing at your booth.

The Ugly

Nothing. Everything was great. The only thing I would like to nitpick on was that the KCC team told us that the con would end at 4 on Sunday, then later we heard 5, then again we heard 4... It was very unclear.

Bonus: The Amazing 

Me demoing Genesis with Aiden

Me demoing Genesis with Aiden

  • Steveo
    We met the store owner of Heads or Tails Gaming. We chatted for a while and he was interested in checking out the game. Unfortunately, I was busy at that time. But who knows what the future has in store for us ;)
  • L
    I was lucky to play Genesis against this really amazing kid, probably in grade 3 (for privacy reasons I don't want to write his name). It was a really great, engaging game. I was surprised that a kid so young was able to grasp some of the concepts of Genesis - I do pitch the game to be a bit more complex than other games. I look forward to meeting him again some day!

Thanks for reading this post. Feel free to share some things you've learned from doing conventions, or if you found anything here particularly interesting. Thanks again!