Axon Overview - What is Axon and who are the characters?

By Assad Quraishi

Hey Champions!

I know we didn’t get to finish off Thymos last week with its bestiary. Let me know if you missed that information and want me to go back and do it eventually. But if there is no interest for it then I’m not going to stress about it.

Also, I know Axon got missed on Monday. Things were hectic here and in the mess I forgot to write the Axon blog. What I’ll do is combine both the definition of the affiliation and the characters that represent that definition in one blog. Starting next week, I might just scale back down to one blog a week. It’s a lot trying to write these three times a week. 

Let’s jump into Axon. Just like with Bellum and Thymos, I want to answer the questions of:

  • Etymology of the affiliation (how it got its name) and its symbol

  • What is the umbrella for the affiliation? What were the 3 buckets we focused on?

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Alright, we will begin with the Etymology of the word “Axon”.

Where did “Axon” come from?

F3 - Axon copy.jpg

I was sitting in my Cognitive Science class at the University of Toronto back in 2006/2007 and we started talking about how information travels in the brain. We learned about electrical pulses travel through the brain via Axons. “An axon (from Greek ἄξων áxōn, axis), or nerve fiber, is a long, slender projection of a nerve cell, or neuron, in vertebrates, that typically conducts electrical impulses known as action potentials away from the nerve cell body.” ( This was a huge spark in creating Genesis. I didn’t know it then, but this was the moment when the concept of Affiliations really started to come into focus. 

The Symbol has no definite direction of where it is facing (up or down) and that’s to indicate it has no care or concerns about morality. What is good and evil is subjective and irrelevant. All that matters is being the best.

What is the affiliation’s umbrella and buckets? 

If, by this point, you don’t know what we mean by Umbrella and Buckets, read the Bellum and Thymos blogs.

At first, the Umbrella for Axon was, “knowledge”. But after a lot of analysis, we realized that this wasn’t true. Looking at all the cards that Axon has in Alpha/Beta, the decision was made to shift Axon away from, “knowledge” and towards “Nurture”. By this we mean, in the debate of Nature vs Nurture (, Axon believes everything is in its control. Nature does not have relevance in Axon’s mind.

When we thought about the buckets, we wanted to pick 3 things that Axon wanted to prove to everyone that it could control, manipulate, and take advantage of. Primarily, it looks at things that are normally, “out of our control” and then masters and controls them all. We then created the following 3 mastery buckets:

  1. Mental Mastery

  2. Elemental Mastery

  3. Time and Space Mastery

Mental Mastery

We always start with the mind. It is a wild beast. How many times a day does your mind drift off while you’re trying to stay focused? Or how often do your emotions take control out of the blue even though you want to stay calm and in control? These are things that Axon champions have mastered. They never let their anger get the best of them. Staying calm, collective, strategic, and focused is the key to mastering the Mind. 

Elemental Mastery

Calling the elements is one thing, any mage can do that. But being able to hone a hurricane to surgical precision, that’s what Axon is working towards. When they call an element to their aid, they want it to do one thing and that one thing. They don’t want any unexpected surprises or any backlash from their actions. 

Time and Space Mastery

Being able to master one’s own mind is powerful. Then being able to master the elements around them is definitely impressive. However, being able to bend the laws of physics to your whims is the end game. When you can manipulate the very axioms of the world, then what is stopping you from doing whatever you want?

The characters of Axon

Now that we understand what the umbrella and buckets are for Axon. Let’s jump into talking about characters from other shows, games, and movies that relate to these principles and then we’ll jump into talking about the current Axon champions. I’m going to first compare 6 different universes to explain what we originally saw as a concept for Thymos, then I’m going to jump into the world of Jaelara and talk about our 4 Thymos champions. The universes I’m going to explain are:

  • Marvel

  • DC

  • Buffy/Angel

  • Reboot

  • Watchmen

  • Doctor Who

Marvel - Mister Sinister (Nathaniel Essex)

“I would, if I could only free myself from this blasted so-called conscience that still pollutes me. ... If that is what is required for science to progress...then let me be a monster! Let me be a MONSTER!” --Nathaniel Essex (Earth-616)

Mister Sinister is a monster by every right, but his pursuit to master and unlock the full potential of the human genome makes him a perfect candidate for Axon. He will give up everything to control and master the evolutionary process and thus create his own clones. If you don’t know who he is, you should really read up on him and his creation, Madelyne Pryor.

DC - Poison Ivy

If you don’t know Poison Ivy’s backstory, I recommend checking it out. The thing that I want to focus on here, and why she fits so well under Axon is her obsession with plants. It isn’t that she just uses them to fight or entrap people. The most interesting part of her obsession is her desire to manipulate them to become more powerful weapons, such as her powerful poison kiss.

Buffy/Angel - Willow Rosenberg


"It's incredible. I mean, I am so juiced Giles, it's like no mortal person has ever had this much power. Ever. It's like I'm connected to everything." Willow (season 6)

The thing that makes Willow so interesting is that each of her actions are logical and govern my choices of trying to do the good thing. That is, until her loses her calm after her girlfriend is killed, and that is when she taps into power - which is something we’ll explore in Chaos. However, after she collects herself, we see her become the most powerful witch in the series by the end of season 7. Willow is smart, collective, and focused on mastering her magics. This dedication and the dedication to overcome any limitations is what makes Willow perfect for Axon.

Reboot - Dot Matrix

"I'm the COMMAND.COM of this system. I have appearances to keep up." --Dot

Most Axon characters use their knowledge and mastery to benefit themselves, Dot, on the other hand, mainly uses her abilities to benefit the Mainframe. In Reboot, it is hard to find someone who is trying to master Time and Space, or the Elements, but what Dot does is master her role. She is the COMMAND.COM and everything she does is to prove her role and fulfill it. 

This is part of the reason I think she would be a great Vadhis champion. She carries the belief of Bellum, that a sprites’ given role is there for a reason and all of them together can make the best system in the mainframe. However, she also believes at mastering what she does and overcoming any personal challenges to do so, and that’s the Axon side of her shining through.

Watchmen - Ozymandias

Originally, I had planned for Doctor Manhattan to be here. However, in the debate of Nature vs Nurture, I would say he lies in Nature. When he sees all of time laid out before him and realizes he is just a pawn in the grand scheme of things, he steps aside and lets it be. He doesn’t fight it like Rorschach does, or Nite Owl, or Silk Specter. He literally gives up knowing that what will happen has happened and he doesn’t try to change it - until Silk Specter convinces him.

On the other hand, Ozymandias sees a problem in the world and does whatever is necessary to change it. Even when the odds are against him, he finds a way. And despite the fact that one of his enemies can see into the future and see what he can do, he finds a way to manipulate that and make it work in his favour. His mastery of science and his ability to see several steps ahead of everyone is what makes Ozymandias a perfect Axon character.


Doctor Who - Daleks

Davros: You must obey me! I created you! I am the master, not you! I-- I-- I--

Dalek: Our programming does not permit us to acknowledge that any creature is superior to the Daleks!

Davros: You cannot exist without me! You cannot progress!

Dalek: We are programmed to survive! We have the ability to develop in any way necessary to ensure that survival

When we talk about the debate between Nature and Nurture, the Daleks have no concept of Nature. They were genetically designed to be the best. They have purified themselves of everything they consider a weakness and have mastered their own genome. This is the exact thing many Axon characters would like to do, remove all their aspects they consider weak and fortify all of their strengths.


With all of that, we can finally discuss our 4 Axon champions.

Ra’Ha - We’ve explored how Ra’Ha and Nubia relate to Bellum, but how does Ra’Ha resonate with Axon? She believes that the decree of the King and Angels is the righteous path, but in the same sense she recognizes her own abomination. She is the combination of three races and that makes her impure. However, she overcomes her physical issues and focuses it all on things she can control. She mastered her archery and combat strategies. Everything she does is to overcome her nature and focus on the things that make her the best.  

Nubia - There is a path for everyone, she sees is. However, unlike Doctor Manhattan, she is going to seize control of her future and make sure that the path she wants is the one that is executed on. She has mastered her ability of soothsaying, now it is time to master her powers of manipulation to get what she wants when she needs it. 

The Sahas champions as the last two to look at. They don’t have an overarching belief (bellum) nor do they give into impulse and emotion (thymos), so who are they then?

Kendra - Focusing on Axon, Kendra is the oldest human alive. She has spent many decades mastering her magical powers and can do something that only few mages can - relocate herself and others across space. This is why we see her prominently featured on Teleport and Temporal Relocation. She is powerful, beyond most mages out there and this is what gives way to her being an Axon champion.

Rayne - She has seen nature take its course too many times. The death of her family and friends, the ruin of the Vishud landscape, and the decay of the Sahas Libraries is too much for her to handle. It is time for Rayne to take matters into her own hands. Her mastery of moving through the shadows and control over her sais make her a powerful Axon champion. 

I know this feels like a lot of information but when writing this I had to skim through a lot of sections. I think it is really hard to go into depth with the complexity of each Affiliation just in a few articles. A lot of thought goes into creating a given affiliation and we try our best to depict that in everything we do.

What do you think? Does this resonate with what you think Axon is about? Let us know in a comment below!

That’s all for now, bye!

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What is Thymos?

What is Thymos?

Last week we explored Bellum and this week we’re venturing into Thymos! I’ll be honest, when I first started to design Genesis, this affiliation was not one of my favourites. I loved Axon which was everything Thymos is not. However, over time, I realized I play like a Thymos champion. Thus, I am very excited to speak about this affiliation and the many different layers that makes it great.

What is Bellum?

By Assad Quraishi


Hey Champions!

Sorry for the silence last week. It was a very intense time here at Haunted Castle Gaming. I was personally in Montreal on Tuesday and Wednesday proofing the cards for Welcome to Jaelara. It was an intense process but it looks great! 

In the next 4 weeks we will be covering the 4 different affiliations. I want to do this deep dive on each affiliation now because they were the focal point of Welcome to Jaelara, so if you know what they represent then the set as a whole will make more sense. On our Monday blogs I’ll be covering “what is this affiliation?”

I want to cover these two areas:

  • Etymology of the affiliation (how it got its name) and its symbol

  • What is the umbrella for the affiliation? What were the 3 buckets we focused on?


Before we jump into that, I want to discuss the kickstarter we’re sponsoring. Dan the Dice Guy is releasing D30 Spin Down dice. This is especially cool for two reasons.

  1. We are making a special Genesis dice which will have the Jaelara symbol on the 30th side.

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Alright, let’s start talking about the origins of the name of the affiliation.

Where did “Bellum” come from?

In the early days of designing Genesis, Bellum was called Judgement. The affiliation was always supposed to embody the belief of balance, judgement, and blind faith. It was supposed to stand as a core opposite to “Chaos”, the fifth affiliation. However, in contrast to the names of the other affiliations, “Judgement” stood out too much. It had too many syllables and didn’t flow off the tongue the way the others did. We knew that two of our other affiliations, “Axon” and “Thymos”, were based off of section of the brain. Following this same concept, I began researching the sections of the brain and found the cerebellum.

In humans, the primary role of the cerebellum is to control our actions. When you think of moving your legs to walk, or hands to write, you are using your cerebellum to send out those messages to your body. The Bellum affiliation stands as a metaphor for this function of the brain. For Bellum, the actions we output into the world need to be done with consideration and purpose. We need to take ownership for everything we do. 

The symbol for bellum are two arrows pointing upwards towards the sky. This is to show that their belief is not in themselves but in what is above them, be it in a divine being or in the universe itself. Either or way, they put their belief in that concept before they believe in themselves.

What is the affiliation’s umbrella and buckets? 

Let’s start by defining what I mean by an umbrella. When we began making the Welcome to Jaelara set we had to discuss what each affiliation was going to represent at its core. If we didn’t know what it was going to represent it would extremely hard to stay consistent in what it will do on each card.

After a lot of debate, for Bellum we landed on: “Belief” 

The concept of belief was broken down into three buckets and these were the areas we focused on for that affiliation.

  1. A spiritual belief

  2. A belief in your combat training

  3. A belief in a balance between magical & physical powers

A spiritual belief

We knew all Bellum champions believed in something. In Vadhis they believe in the angels and their message. They blindly follow the angels in everything they say because, until this point, the angels have protected the city and have guided them to prosperity. For Ajna, their belief is in balance and the cycle of life. For everything that dies, new things are born; where there is pain, there is also joy. Their belief comes from the balance between the Dragon and the Phoenix, the two mythical creatures that protected them. 

A belief in your combat training

When your back is against the wall, and everything seems hopeless, you need to remember that you were trained to be the best. All people of bellum believe in something higher than themselves, but also believe in their own ability to be the best there is. They are rigorous, precise, and focused. Both Vadhis and Ajna spend a significant time training themselves for combat so that they can be the best. 

A belief in a balance between magical & physical powers

Bellum knows that an obsession of either physical abilities or magical abilities will lead to the downfall of their warriors. Being too focused on magic can lead defenceless when your Aura dries up, and on the opposite side being too focused on the physical can lead you exhausted and shorten your timeline. Each warrior needs to take advantage of the resources they have at a given moment to seize victory. 

Does this resonate with you when you think of Bellum? Does this make sense when it comes to the cards and champions? Leave a comment on this blog with your thoughts.

Tomorrow’s PodCast will be exploring how the champions reflect their affiliations. 

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What is an affiliation and how did we define them?

By Assad Quraishi


Hey Champions!

By early next week the entire card list for Welcome to Jaelara will go live and you can see the whole list SIX WEEKS before the set launches. Why are we releasing the set information so early? Well, one reason is because we started spoilers really early and stringing you along for such a long period of time is kind of evil. Also, because the set will be legal for the championship tournament we wanted you to have as much time to practice with it before the set comes out. That way you can hunt for the cards you need as soon as the set releases.

With that in mind, you might be wondering what we’re going to talk about for the next 6 weeks before the set comes out. Well, my plan is to spend the next 4 weeks exploring the affiliations and then two weeks after, I’m going to talk about my favourite things about the set and what you should be keeping an eye open for as you look for cards, combos, and ways to test. I will also spend some time talking about some of my favourite deck styles that will come out with the release of this set. 

06Chaos-Inferno pits2.jpg

Before I jump into this too much, have you seen the D30 Kickstarter that we’re sponsoring? If not, check it out. We’d love your support!

Also, if you’re looking for a way to get some Genesis product, there are two options that will allow you to get Genesis product shipped to you anywhere in the world. 

Now, let me break down what we’re going to discuss starting next week. For each affiliation I want to cover 4 different categories:

  1. What is the affiliation

  2. How do the champions reflect these affiliations

  3. What characters from other shows, movies, games, etc reflect this affiliation

  4. What type of summons reflect this affiliation

So to prepare you for next week, let’s discuss what an affiliation is in Genesis. In the early days of designing Genesis I had to pick a concept that could be carried from set to set, world to world, and universe to universe. We needed something that was universal. I did this because I knew I wanted Genesis to exist forever and to have limitless ideas and having a core component of the game that was limiting would have proven too much of a challenge to keep the game fresh. This was especially hard because Magic: The Gathering did this so perfectly and it was difficult to not just take their idea. I had to come up with a new idea that was unique enough but upheld the principles that I was looking for. 

At first, I went with: Light and Dark. But this made the game too narrowed. Then I did: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. But this was done a million times and wasn’t unique enough. After that, I moved on to over complicating the idea by merging these two ideas. This included: Earth Light, Earth Dark, Fire Light, Fire Dark, etc. This proved to be too complex. None of my ideas were working.

That is when I realized I needed something that was universal and what could be more universal than the brain. I spent some time studying the basics to neurology, psychology and biology and found there are certain parts of the brain that are dedicated to particular parts of the human experience. I extrapolated each of these parts into their own philosophies and that is what an is affiliation - the bridge between philosophy and biology. 

We’ll discuss each affiliation starting next week. The game plan is to start by breaking down the philosophy that it represents and the biology that is associated to it. We also want to show you how each champion represent their philosophy and, by the end, you should see the complexity champions face when they meet a counterpart that has a different secondary affiliation (ie. Ra’Ha and Rayne who both share Axon but differ on Bellum and Chaos). Then I want to show you characters we used as references from other mediums to help us stay focused on the affiliation’s belief. Lastly, the bestiary of that affiliation needs to be a personification of it and we’ll show you how we’re applying it and how we’re trying to improve it.

I hope you’re excited to go through this breakdown with us in the next four weeks.  

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The Inner Mechanics

The Inner Mechanics

Something we spend a lot of time on when designing a card is figuring out how, mechanically, it is going to work. This is really interesting because, on the surface, it might seem like our cards function the same in Genesis as they do in many other CCG’s but that isn’t the case and making that assumption can lead you away from some really exciting combos. I’ll speak more about that in tomorrow’s podcast about The Stack. 

Draw in Genesis

Draw in Genesis

Hey Champions! I was trying to find a special way to reveal today’s card, and at first I was just going to do a regular post up on Facebook but I felt that wouldn’t give you appreciation for the strength of this card. I realized that a blog would be the best way to dig into the topic around the card and then present the card for you to appreciate it properly.

The Value of Teamwork

by. Assad Q

Hey Champions!

We are just 4 days into spoiling Welcome to Jaelara, and I couldn't be more excited. One of the most exciting things about this set for me is the strength of the art and design teams that worked on it. On the design side, I had the chance to work with Lionel and Carl. It was a great experience and I thought in this blog I should highlight some of the values they brought to the team.

Before I jump into that, let me remind you about Patreon. Do you love Genesis? Do you want to get insider content, free promos, and much more? Then join our Patreon. For $20 a month you get 2 booster packs, the promo of the month, a legacy promo, and a newsletter letting you know what we’ve been up to and some insider information about the next month.


Okay, let’s jump back into the blog. I want to talk about my experience working with these two amazing designers and one of the many cards each of them created. One of the unique things we got to do in Welcome to Jaelara was introducing 4 new 8-chi cards. I made one of them, Lionel made two, and Carl made the last one. I want to talk about one of the ones Lionel made and the one Carl made.

Subjugation Strike

Lionel has made a lot of the cards in this set, but none of them stands out the way Subjugation Strike does. It is an 8-chi that is a beast of a card. Being able to deal a massive amount of damage for free - basically - or spending some resources to deal more damage that is less restrictive. This card has a lot of versatility. The fact that the Heavy Holy Attack [5] just cost Exert means that this card can dish out a lot of damage even late game when you have no cards in your timeline and no aura. This could be a top deck card that just turns the tides in your favour. On the other hand, if you have 16 Aura to spend, you get a swift speed cast ability dealing 6 holy damage. That means this card can kill an Angel of Retribution without flinching. All of those summons with Aerial or Spectral are now within your reach again. And who knows, if we make a card in the future that has resistance to cast abilities, then this card will still have its value. Finally, it deals holy damage meaning it triggers into weaknesses which can be very useful.

This card has an interesting story because it had gone through many revisions to get the way Lionel wanted it to be. It originally started with 3 abilities: a Holy Attack, a Heavy Attack, and a Heavy Holy Attack. The idea, kind of like Meteorite, was to make a card that had 3 levels of strength and that the second ability is an extension of the first, and the last is the omni-powerful version of the card. After testing it a lot, we couldn’t find a way to get this card to the place we wanted it to be. Also, since each ability had an Aura or Energy cost to it, the abilities started to get really expensive. Each iteration removed an ability, added a new one, and we continued to refine it. In the end, he put together a final product that I am very proud to put into Genesis. 


Malfeasance has a really confusing story - I don’t even know if I remember it all. But before we get into the story, let’s talk about the sheer power of this card. First off, your opponent is losing the top card of their Timeline. There is no other card in the game right now that destroy cards off of the top of your opponent’s timeline. Then there is the fact that your opponent then loses life according to the revealed card’s chi - again, doing something based off of the Chi of a card is fairly rare. But on top of all that, you gain life equal to the card’s chi. Even in the worst case scenario, you are doing as much damage as Vampiric Kiss and in the best case scenario you made them lose 8 life, you gained 8 life, and they lost their 8-chi. Nothing is more painful than that.

Making Malfeasance was interesting. Carl had been trying to use that name on a card for months but every time the card was either renamed into something else or scrapped because it was too strong. We must have gone through 10 different cards over 4 months. Then finally, he pitched the idea of looking at the top card of someone’s timeline and having them lose life equal to the card’s chi. We loved this idea but, as an 8-chi, I didn’t feel like it was strong enough. That is when I suggested putting the life gain onto the card and finally, this version of Malfeasance was born. It took a while to get the price for it perfect but now that it is here, we don’t need to look back. 

Overall, both of these designers are awesome people. For however long they work on Genesis for, I know we will see new and exciting things come out from their minds.

I’m always humbled from the experience of working with a team. The truth is, no matter how good you are at something, it will never be truly successful unless you’ve got a good team behind you.

Happy Canada Day! Welcome to Jaelara spoiler #1

Hey Champions!

Happy Canada Day! I hope you're having a wonderful day and you're enjoying Canada's 152nd birthday today! This is an exciting day for me because after a year of hard work my game design team and I finally get to reveal our first big spoiler for

It was a hard decision where to start with the spoiler. We wanted to do something special but at the same time hold back some of the cooler cards as the month went on. After a lot of debate in my head between this card and that card, I said, "forget it, I'm going with one of the cards I am the most excited about." But before I get into the card, I have to give a huge shout out to Lionel Nunes for creating this card. In our game design meetings, every now and then, an idea is pitched and it makes my eyes widen and my heart race. Lionel hit it out of the park with this card, so I am so proud to introduce to you: Hydualis


One of the things I love about Genesis's card design is the way our cost structure works in the game. Just like with Meteorite, you can have a card with multiple tier systems and each one doing a different effect. But what Lionel did here that I love so much is how he made a trigger that is conditional off of the type of tier of attack you execute. Let alone is there both a Fire Attack [3] or a Water Attack [3] that you can play at swift speed, if you use the Fire Attack [3] you stun your opponent or if you use the Water Attack [3] you push them. This card is amazing both aggressively or defensively. It has so much versatility that I can come with endless combos for it. I love it!

As for the naming of the card. It's a combination of Hydrogen and Dualism. Hydrogen, as many of us know, is a key component of water. But it is also a very explosive gas. This gives it both a water and fire based attribute. Due to this card's dual nature, we wanted to add that into the name. So it because "Hy"-"Dualis".

That’s all I really want to say about this piece. But stay around as I spoiler more to the set as the day goes on. Make sure you’re following us on all our channels to hear and see the latest news:

Bye for now

~Assad Quraishi

Retrospective - CanGames 2018

Hey Champions!

We were in Ottawa for CanGames over the Victoria Day long weekend, and let's just start by saying that it was amazing! We had a great time, made some amazing friends, and made some great connections. Let jump into the good, the bad, and the ugly...



The Good

  • Old Friends
    On the first day of the convention, on our way to our booth, we heard someone say, "I know you!". Back in March, we did a convention in Toronto and met two kids excited about the game. Unfortunately, they couldn't buy it at the time; and honestly, I never thought I would see any of them again. So, it was so exciting to run into one of them at CanGames. Throughout the weekend, he spent a lot of time at our booth, playing and keeping us entertained during the slow times. For that, we thank him a lot :)
  • Size of the Booth
    The booth at CanGames was massive. It was wonderful! For the first time, I didn't feel super cramped sitting at our table. It was 10' x 10', and our tables were 8'x3'. We were able to fit two tables in it! Seriously everyone, it was massive!
  • WoOZ Wall (Wizard of Oz Wall)
    This is a minor thing with a huge impact for us. All of the booths had a curtain behind that we could store things. This also became a safe place to keep inventory over night and just hang out in when you needed a break. 
  • Amount of Sales
    All things considered, we made a lot of sales. This was one of our best conventions we've had. Thank you to everyone who supported us in these early days :)
  • Taking time off
    My friends tell me that I don't take time off or that I'm going to burn out. They'll be happy to know that I took an hour and a half off to go to parliament with my wife. It was so much fun and I'm really happy we did it. 
  • Didn't do my talk :)
    I was scheduled to do a talk at 10 am on Saturday, which would have been fun but no one signed up. That's okay, I was pretty nervous about it anyway. Also, I was able to spend more time at the booth which was perfect because at the time I was supposed to do the talk, I did a demo that turned into a sale. So it all worked out. 
  • Shiny Charizard
    Nothing too special, but I'm happy I got him.

The Bad 

  • The Rain :(
    It was raining when we caught our Charmanders. It reminded me about this

Takeaway: Pack extra socks and other clothing incase you get wet. It is very uncomfortable doing demos in wet clothing.

  • Long demo
    We had a demo that went on forever! I normally don't mind doing demos for as long as it takes for the player to understand and enjoy the game. But we had one person who came to our booth and just stayed for a very long time and at the end was angry at the end of it. It didn't feel really great for someone to play the game and walk away frustrated (at me or my team). 
    Takeaway: Sometimes you gotta have a way to politely tell people to leave. I haven't figured out how, but I will figure it out one day.
  • Didn't get my follow up interview :(
    When I had my talk cancelled I was offered the opportunity to do an interview instead. I was up for that, but it never happened. I don't know why there was no follow up, but I do know that half the ownership was on me. I should have got the interviewer's contact information :( 
    Takeaway: Make sure you got follow up information on everyone you interact with. Don't assume they'll follow up with you.
  • Cost of trip
    Doing a convention out of town is quite expensive. You need to rent a hotel or AirBnB, there is the expense of food, and then gas prices are so high. It's just the reality of the situation and there isn't a whole lot you can change about it.
    Takeaway: Maybe try to bring some additional meals or any more food so that we don't need to buy out as much.

The Ugly

  • We forgot our Square Tap
    We made a huge mistake and forgot to bring our square point of sales devices. It was annoying and very unprofessional.
    Takeaway: Make sure you have a checklist of everything you need to take with you and check it twice ;)

Closing comments

Overall, CanGames was amazing and a wonderful experience. I'm so happy we went. The people we met and befriended made the whole journey worth it. Sales and connections are always nice, it is really the people and the community who makes it all worth it.

Thank you to the whole CanGame team. 

Additional photos


Retrospective - SkyCon Light 2018

Hey Champions!

On April 28th, we were in Kitchener for SkyCon Light and we had the best time there! We had a tournament which had some amazing moments and for the first time, we sold booster packs. It was a great day with so much to talk about. Let us dig into The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good

All four covers for the 18 card booster packs

All four covers for the 18 card booster packs

  • Booster Packs
    We had 18 card booster packs available for sale at SkyCon which was super cool. They contained a lot of cards from alpha and may be the only chance some players get to owning a larger card pool of alpha cards. We saw some awesome rares opened and many of them found their way into the tournament.


    Me with Rob

    Me with Rob

    • Old Friends
      We saw a lot of familiar faces which was such a great feeling. This was the first convention where things felt less nerve-racking and more comfortable. It was a great atmosphere with very kind people. Thank you to Rob et. al. for hosting another great event.


    Me with Max

    Me with Max

    • New Friends
      Though it is always great seeing old friends, making new friends can be just as exhilarating. I wish I had more time to try out other games and be more involved at the convention (maybe another year I'll get that). But it was great seeing so many new faces supporting this amazing event.
    • Tournament
      We had a 6 person tournament go on which was super fun. Our victor, Lionel Nunes, walked away with a booster pack for his winnings and everyone got a SkyCon exclusive Tsunami Promo. He won all his games 2-0. Great job Lionel!
    • Quality > Quantity
      We didn't get to do a lot of demos, which is a shame. But the ones we did were amazing. People seem to be really enthusiastic about the game and jumping into the community. Thank you to everyone who came out to do a demo. 

    The Bad

    • Not enough prep
      This is my most common problem... I keep on feeling overwhelmed at each convention. One day we will get this down right.
    • Lesson learned: Don't get cocky! Even if you've been to the same convention before, don't take it lightly. Every convention is important. 
    • Not many new sales
      Most of our sales were to people who already play the game. This is okay, of course, but it would be nice to get new players in. But that's the problem everyone has.
    • Lesson learned: Enjoy the process. It's a slow turning wheel to get a community growing. Be happy with the growth you have and don't doubt your success. 

    The Ugly

    • All by myself
      For the first time ever, I was doing a convention on my own. I missed having my wife by my side...

    Closing comments

    I'm always happy to be at a SkyCon event. Make sure you come out in October for some amazing promos and exclusive products! For now, come out to Thursday game nights in Brantford, Friday demo nights in Toronto, or monthly tournaments in Cambridge. Follow us on Facebook or check our event page for more details.

    Our next convention will be CanGames in Ottawa. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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