Booster Drafts

Booster draft is a great format for experienced and new players to get together and compete on a more even playing field. In a booster draft, players play with a deck they construct on the spot.


When you are starting to draft, you should be creating tables of about 6-8 players who are seated in a random order, then each player gets 4 booster packs. Once everyone is ready, they can open their first pack.

Each pack has 14 cards and 1 champion. The champion can be ignored and put into the center of the table. Of the remaining 14 cards there should be 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare.

From the 14 cards, each player will pick 1 card to keep and pass the remaining 13 cards to the person to their right. Once they receive their pile of 13 cards, they pick 1 card and pass the remain 12 cards to the right. This process continues until all packs have been diminished. Now, each player should have 14 cards that they’ve picked from different piles.

After the first pack is completed, everyone opens the second pack at the same time. The same process happens with the second pack as it did with the first pack. But instead of passing to the right, on the second pack you pass to the left. The third pack is passed to the right, and the fourth pack is passed to the left. After drafting all 4 packs, each player should have 56 (14*4) cards to start to construct their Timeline.

Drafting and building a deck should have a time cap of 45 minutes.

Building Your Timeline (in a booster draft)

After the drafting is done, each player can pick their champions. This can be done in secret or exposed, but regardless no one needs to pick their champion until this time. The rules for building a timeline is very similar with a few modifications:

  1. The Timeline is 35 cards instead of the 50 cards

  2. The total Chi of the deck is 175 points

The tournament

The tournament structure for a draft is the same as a constructed tournament:

  • Swiss Structure

  • Each round should be 45 minutes

  • Each round consist of a best 2 out of 3 games

  • Loser of each game can pick if they want to go first or second for the next game

Additional information and tools for the tournament can be found here.


The prize support is completely determined by the store.