The Arena


Fight for you life

Arenas are a critical part of the Genesis universe and for game play. These areas are defined by the amount of aura that pools there. For that reason, champions are often fighting over them to have those sections of lands under their domain.

Arenas in gameplay

For gameplay, the arena is represented by a 5 x 6 grid where you (as a champion) and your summons are placed. Also, any alterations you end up creating go there too.

It is a critical piece of the game's experience, and we want to make sure all players have one to play on. When we are able to, we will open a store online where you can buy your own board for the arena, but in the meanwhile if you want one, click the download below. Because of the size of it, you may need to go to a speciality store to get it printed off. Let them know that the final printing dimensions are 27 inches x 18 inches.

Or, if you want a more cost effective way, feel free to buy a bristol board and draw a grid on that. If you go down this route, we recommend that you first cut out a 20 inches by 24 inches space. This will be your whole board. Then draw a grid that is 5 squares wide, and 6 squares high. Each square should be 4 inches by 4 inches. In the early days of development, we made dozens of arenas just like this, and it works fine. But nothing beats having a real board.