Tribe: Vishud
Conduit: Fire Amulet

Strength: Idiris's Fire Ball ability gives her an unique advantage which is unbounded damage.

Lore: After she was blamed for a fire that killed her husband, child, and many other villagers, Idiris ran away from her home in Vadhis and found refuge in Vishud. She is now sworn to protect her new home while trying to find the truth about who started the fire and why they framed her.

Malik (1).png


Tribe: Vishud
Conduit: Demon's Skull

Strength: Malik's biggest strength is his high health and very strong offence

Lore: Malik became the chief of Vishud after his father was assassinated by an archer from Vadhis. Now he leads his army in the war against Vadhis, waiting for his opportunity to meet the archer face-to-face and finish what he started.



Tribe: Vadhis
Conduit: Æther Sphere

Strength: Nubia has one of the high starting aura and with her additional card draw each round, she has countless options each round.

Lore: In the pursuit of power and wealth, Nubia went after the Book of the Damned, one of the most powerful relics in Jaelara. In her journey she encountered a powerful witch who blinded her. To seek revenge she made a deal with 5 ancient gods who gave her the Æther Sphere to help her predict the future.

Raha (1).png


Tribe: Vadhis
Conduit: Demon's Arm

Strength: Ra'Ha has the best awareness of all champions and can deal with flyers. 

Lore: Born an abomination, half-human and half-elf, Ra'Ha was never supposed to live. By the grace of the king, she was spared and joined his army. She climbed the ranks and became a general. During a skirmish against the savages of Vishud she lost her arm. The healers replaced it with a demon's arm. Now she seeks revenge on the monster that deformed her. 



Tribe: Sahas
Conduit: Book of the Damned

Strength: Kendra has a lot of Aura and is great at controlling her opponent's thoughts.

Lore: When Kendra was young she was tasked with protecting the Book of the Damned. She and the book were suspended from time and trapped in The Pillar. After an attack by an unwelcomed visitor destroyed the spell around the Pillar, Kendra was returned to a world that was nothing like she remembered it.



Tribe: Sahas
Conduit: Shadows of the Old Ones

Strength: Rayne has the highest attack of all the champions allowing her to banish many creatures in a single blow. The shadows that surround her give her the ability to move through the darkness as easily as air, this gives her the ability to teleport into her opponent's blind spots.

Lore: Rayne is the last of the demons, a powerful race of warriors who roamed the world of Jaelara centuries before humans did. She now lives as the human's protector, ensuring their race never faces the same fate that her's did.



Tribe: Ajna
Conduit: Phoenix Sword

Strength: With her fire attack and a high energy, Feng is a fierce fighter that is unmatched in many ways. 

Lore: After dying and being resurrected in the ashes of a phoenix, she is now entrusted to fulfill the duties of the phoenix and bring the world into utopia.

Feng (1).png
Long (1).png


Tribe: Ajna
Conduit: Dragon's Blood

Strength: Long is a well rounded champion, with high attack, health, and a strong ability. 

Lore: When his sister was on the verge of dying, Long made a deal with a dragon to save her life. In exchange for the cure, Long had the dragon's blood fuse into him. Now he carries the last remaining essence of the dragon race on Jaelara.