Tribe: Vishud
Conduit: Fire Amulet

Strength: Unbounded damage, high health, and can deal with evasive summons
Weakness: Slow attack and heavily reliant on Aura

Lore: After she was blamed for a fire that killed her husband, child, and many other villagers, Idiris ran away from her home in Vadhis and found refuge in Vishud. She is now sworn to protect her new home while trying to find the truth about who started the fire and why they framed her.

Malik (1).png


Tribe: Vishud
Conduit: Demon's Skull

Strength: High Health and Strong Offence
Weakness: Slow

Lore: Malik became the chief of Vishud after his father was assassinated by an archer from Vadhis. Now he leads his army in the war against Vadhis, waiting for his opportunity to meet the archer face-to-face and finish what he started.