The Ajna Collective



The two champions who lead the Ajna Collective are Feng and Long. These two champions are well balanced and can do anything with great skill.

With Feng's energy reduction of 2, a large series of techniques become free for her to use. Due to this advantage, she can be aggressive in combat. However, Feng must be wary of exhausting thoughts too quickly, as there is no easy way to recover them.

Long can be a strong fighter or mage, but his cure ability can be a great support to his summons as well. Every summon he plays can come into the arena with an additional 2 health, which can be a large asset for many summons.


Play style

Ajna is durable, agile, and very aggressive. The two affiliations, Bellum and Thymos, have a lot of emphasis on preservation and gives their champions and summons leverage in staying alive even in really challenging odds. The biggest drawback is that they don't have a great way to recover resources. Be careful to what you spend and when, because the resources disappear often for good. 

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Ajna is the fourth and youngest tribe in Jaelara. They settled in a very peaceful plateau with mountains to their north and east and a river to their west. There are no major threats in their area.

The people who settled Ajna were a branch from Sahas. They agreed that a monarchy was not the best way to rule, but they also believed that the pursuit of knowledge is not the only ambition in life. They wanted to find a balance between the mind, body, and soul. They carried with them the agricultural skills from Vadhis, the love of the land from Vishud, the knowledge from Sahas, but they bring the inner peace that can only be found in the Ajna Collective. 

The people of Ajna just want to bring peace to Jaelara. They would avoid war if it were an option, but know that a war is inevitable. Thus, the people have prepared themselves to protect their beliefs. Lead by their champions Feng and Long, they bring the balance of the collective to the outside world.